Paediatric Medicine

A paediatrician is a specialist doctor who looks after a range of medical conditions in children.  They are experts in the health and development of babies and children. They provide care when children do not seem to be developing normally as well as diagnoses and treatment illness in otherwise healthy children.


Our paediatricians have particular expertise in problems with growth, feeding, physical and intellectual development, and behaviour. They can also see your child regarding a wide range of other conditions when your GP would like some further specialist advice. The conditions include: skin conditions, chest complaints (asthma, heart murmurs), infections,and chronic or recurrent health problems.  If you want your child looked after in a specialist paediatric setting ask your GP to refer to Kidzhealth.


What we do

Provide Assessment, Intervention and Strategies

Work alongside families with babies, toddlers and children to reach their potential.

Assess and work alongside colleagues including Paediatricians, Occupational therapists,

Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Teachers and Speech Therapists.


Assessment based on Occupational Performance through daily life


For example

  • Clinical and Neurodevelopmental Observations
  • Sensory Profile
  • Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perform system of task analysis (PRPP) Chapparo and Ranka.The PRPP assessment is a criterion referenced assessment and is a formal method of task analysis that is based on information processing theory.
  • Parent Interview
  • Movement ABC


Assess and support children in different contexts and environments, at home, Therapy rooms, preschool, school and community.

We see babies and children from birth to 14 years of age with strengths and challenges  in life.

The following provides some examples

  • Interruptions to development from birth
  • Daily life tasks including feeding, meal times, dressing, sleep, tying laces, bathing and toileting.
  • Coordination including sitting and crawling, using knife, spoon or toothbrush, using playground equipment, throwing and catching balls and playing team games.
  • Play including Imaginative, Sensory and exploratory
  • School readiness and transition to school. Preschool and School tasks including handwriting, drawing, use of scissors, packing a schoolbag and getting organised.
  • Processing Information including sensory, motor and cognitive abilities
  • Working across cultures
  • Turning challenges into opportunities
  • Working with children in their homes, rooms, preschool and school
  • Linking families to their community
  • Environmental changes to support your child's progress

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